Practice Areas

Entertainment Law

We become your legal and creative partner and guide by handling transactional, contractual, and even branding issues that arise on your journey to success. Our purpose is to serve all the needs of creative professionals in an industry fraught with every conceivable hurdle standing between you and your completed vision. Our devotion to protecting artists extends to evaluating, strategizing, negotiating, and revamping any and all forms of talent and production agreements, not to mention lending a hand on any licensing, financing, and distribution issues.

At Mauro Law Firm, we understand what it takes to make it in the entertainment industry. We are artist-friendly, and some of us are actual artists. With a broad range of experiences over two decades, there will rarely arise an issue we have not dealt with on some level. If we realize we are unable to assist you with your current issue, we will have no problem referring you into more capable hands. Our purpose is to protect your work and to drive your success.

Clients include screenwriters, novelists, producers, directors, actors, musical artists, managers, production companies, below the line talent such as stunt performers, drone operators, gaffers, makeup artists, craft services, and many other professionals. In the entertainment world, every facet of the production of art involves the collaboration of many different individuals in a variety of fields who are all striving to bring together the best product possible.


We can review, draft, analyze, and negotiate any contract. What you sign today can follow you for decades. Here is some free advice: make sure you are protected and let an attorney, even if it is not one from Mauro Law Firm, review whatever you are signing. What is in the contract itself is certainly important, but sometimes what is missing from it is even more important. Negotiating a contract before the parties sign it is complex. In the event of a contract dispute, your entire business and career can suffer. Litigation may come next. Be smart and avoid painful and expensive issues as best as possible before they occur. That’s where we come into play. Let us help you avoid lawsuits, which drain your hard-earned profits and thrust negative publicity upon you or your project.

Constitutional Law

We believe in the Constitution of the United States of America. It is a perfect document not because it is, in fact, perfect, rather because it evolves and remains capable of amendment, when necessary. Our Constitution’s First Amendment, your right to speak and express yourself freely, is the beating heart of American Liberty. No matter why you have retained this law firm, we will give our last breaths to maintain your right to speak your mind and express yourself in the manner you desire and to otherwise protect all of your constitutional rights. Nothing is more important.


We help clients navigate the process of initially forming a business, push you to higher levels of success while expanding at the proper speed, and protect you from every conceivable hurdle along the way. Whether you need a Loan Out Company, a production company, or a film LLC, we know the issues you will confront. Planning your path wisely will spare you considerable time, expenses, and stress far into the future. You need an attorney with foresight, not one who merely reacts to a particular day’s dilemma.