About The Firm

Mauro Law Firm

We are dedicated to assisting clients in navigating the unknowns, reducing your stress, and achieving your goals. You will never be left in the dark. Licensed in Michigan and California for 20 years, we offer a full range of services focusing on making your ideas work. You will never complain that you find it difficult to communicate with our team, and you will never wonder why you cannot get in touch with your attorney. We are your legal and creative partner. If you fail, then we fail with you. Together, we will create a plan that works and catapults you beyond your wildest aspirations.

Michael Mauro

For 20 years, the founder of Mauro Law Firm, Michael Mauro, has helped thousands of people realize and solve problems unique to their individual situations. No problem or client is the same. Mauro is a California and Michigan licensed attorney with experience in civil litigation for both plaintiffs and defendants, entertainment law, contracts, constitutional law, business litigation, legal research and writing, appeals, and political consulting.

Mauro graduated from the University of Michigan’s preeminent Ross School of Business before attending law school at the University of California Law - San Francisco. His experience working in the insurance industry, entertainment industry, and across a wide range of other legal arenas, gives him a perspective unlike most attorneys and certainly differentiates him from entertainment attorneys in general. A screenwriter and producer himself, Mauro understands the unique demands of artists.